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Mars K Fetal/Maternal Monitor

1. This Mars K fetal and maternal monitor chooses a 10.4 inch high definition color TFT LCD screen that is super thin with the pixel of 1024×768. Available in overturning at 0 to 135 degree, the screen is convenient for healthcare staff to give an observation at arbitrary angle in this range.
2. With the specially designed fashionable and attractive appearance similar to the laptop, the product is small, exquisite and portable. Its display screen can be protected properly.
3. The unique large silicone rubber keypad realizes convenient and quick operation of the product.
4. This fetal and maternal monitor is configured with the special 12-chip ultrasonic probe of 1 MHz working with wide beam to give sensitive detection.
5. As the fetal heart rate can be displayed in the offset mode, it is convenient for medical personnel to distinguish the fetal heart rates of twins visually.
6. This device employs the detection and alarm system for the identification of overlapped fetal heart beat. Therein, the grading alarm will give audible and visual alerts when something abnormal happens.
7. It allows the doctors to mark signs to get the fetal movement and abnormal events annotated.
8. Our product offers automatic description on the curve of fetal movement.
9. It supports the storage and viewing of monitoring curve and datum within 24 hours.
10. The internally installed high definition thermal printer is able to print the real-time fetal monitoring waveform, as well as the historical review content.
11. For the standard configurations, the fetal and maternal monitor functions automatic identification of fetal movement, synchronous display and print of the fetal movement graph.
12. It supports TCP/IP networking to get stable and reliable communication. This product is also available in connecting to the central monitoring station to form the obstetric network.
13. The large capacity of chargeable lithium battery in the standard configuration helps the product to cater for various applications easily.

Configurations of Product
○ Standard
● Optional
- Unavailable
Single FHR Dual FHR TO-
FM AFM Signal overlap alarm MSpO2 MNI
Lithium battery Network (TCP/IP) Printer paper width (110
Fetal acoustic stimulator Trolley Bag Water-
proof probe
Configuration A
Configuration B
Configuration C
Configuration D

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