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Mars B Fetal/Maternal Monitor

1. This Mars B fetal or maternal monitor is operated with a 12.1 inch ultrathin color TFT flip screen with 1024×768 pixel.
2. Its concealed handle brings convenience for moving and carrying this product.
3. The device is also equipped with the typical 12-chip Doppler transducer of 1 MHz that makes use of the pulse wave with wide beam. This transducer detects sensitively and captures the signals in a large range.
4. The normal range of fetal heat rate is marked on the screen, namely the range of 120-160bpm.
5. The holder of the transducer is designed specially to protect the transducer from damage.
6. Our fetal and maternal monitor is able to display and print the graph of fetal movement synchronously.
7. In the standard configuration, the rechargeable lithium battery of large capacity is included to deal with the situations of outage.
8. With the TCP/IP interconnection technology, the product is able to be connected to the wired or wireless network, keeping steady communication without losing data.
9. The humanized wall mounted design helps to save space of installation.
10. This fetal and maternal monitor is also installed with an internal thermal printer, whose effective printing width can be adjusted as 112mm or 150mm.
11. The NST automatic system for assessing the fetal physical conditions is optional.

FeatureFetal parameterMaternal parameterPrint paper widthAuxiliary deviceNST report
(Fetus health report)
●: Standard
○: Optional
-: Unavailable
ECG, NIBP, SpO2, HR, TEMP, RESP 110mm150mmLithium batterynetwork (TCP/IP), VGAFetal
Configuration A
Configuration B
Configuration C
Configuration D

Trade Terms
Delivery time: 5-10 working days after receiving full payment
Terms of payment: 100 % T/T in advance
Package: Carton
Warranty: One year warranty for boards, 6 months of warranty for sensor, LCD and battery.

Looking For Distribution Cooperation
As the authorized supplier of PHILIPS in China, Unicare Electronic has dedicated in medical device industry for over 15 years. Now it is the leading manufacturer of fetal monitor, multi-parameter monitor, central monitoring system, pulse oximeter and gynecological ozone therapeutic instruments.

Unicare is capable of developing three new models each year, relying on the 36 professional engineers in two R&D centers and strategic cooperation with General Hospital of Chinese PLA and China Medical University.

Nowadays, Unicare products have enjoyed good reputation in their customers through serving healthcare professionals and patients in more than 50 countries.

In the global market, we strive to find the business associates (distributors) or OEM demanders for cooperating, providing the healthcare products for them and heading toward a win-win future together.

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