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  • Mars B Fetal/Maternal MonitorThis Mars B fetal or maternal monitor is operated with a 12.1 inch ultrathin color TFT flip screen with 1024×768 pixel.
    Its concealed handle brings convenience for moving and carrying this product.
    The device is also equipped with the typical 12-chip Doppler transducer of 1 MHz that makes use of the pulse wave with wide beam. This transducer detects sensitively ...
  • Mars K Fetal/Maternal Monitor With the specially designed fashionable and attractive appearance similar to the laptop, the product is small, exquisite and portable. Its display screen can be protected properly.
    The unique large silicone rubber keypad realizes convenient and quick operation of the product.
    This fetal and maternal monitor is configured with the special 12-chip ultrasonic probe ...

UNICARE is a specialized obstetric monitor manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a broad range of products, including fetal monitor board, multi-parameter monitor, medical thermal printer, vital signs monitor, and much more.

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Other Products
  • F8/s Multi-parameter MonitorThe F8/s multi-parameter monitor is stylish in appearance and reliable in performance.
    Configured with a 12.1 inch TFT LCD display, it can show the review of all the parameters' datum in the past 240 hours.
    This product can also store and replay 1024 groups of measuring datum about blood pressure and alarm events in equivalent quantity...
  • VS900-II Vital Signs MonitorCombined with progressive designing idea, this VS900-II vital signs monitor is portable and available in using alternate and direct current. With the large capacity rechargeable battery installed internally, it can achieve continuous monitoring for 2 hours.
    The high brightness TFT LCD display is as large as 12.1 inch. It offers a large visual range for users and shows in 14 different languages.
  • Fetal Monitoring ModuleSuitable for the single 5V power supply, the fetal monitoring module minimizes the requirement on power supply of the system.
    The fetal heart sound is authentic with good tone quality so that this product lowers the requirement on the loudspeaker effectively.
    The LED output drive interface flickers with the fetal heart beat simultaneously.