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F6 Multi-parameter Monitor

1. This F6 multi-parameter monitor utilizes a 7 inch TFT display that exerts true color and high luminance. The display interface can be set in Chinese and English, showing friendly and ocular effect.
2. Without and fan, the product performs at a low rate of stoppage and can't be damaged by dust.
3. It is connected to the 12V AC battery externally, suitable for mounting in the car for monitoring. Moreover, the internally mounted rechargeable battery with enough capacity deals with the outage easily.
4. Users can utilize three or five leads to get the ECG and the product functions automatic identification of cables.
5. Our multi-parameter monitor makes use of the digital measuring technology for blood oxygen and it is endowed with great ability to resisting the interference of electrosurgical unit and movement, as well as the low-dose liquid infusion.
6. This device has the ability of storing and replaying the ECG waveform for 5 minutes' intensive care, 600 groups of NIBP measuring datum at maximum and 500 groups of alarm events. It also supports the playback of holographic diagram for 1 minute
7. With the trending datum of 72 hours stored, it can present the trending datum and the tendency chart effectively.
8. Some functions are selective, such as large font display, short tendency displayed in one screen, calculation on the concentration of drug, oxygen saturation graph, etc.
9. It shows protection for itself while realizing the effect of defibrillation.
10. The pitch of the pulse sound allows to be modulated.
11. The standard configuration contains the device for calling the nurse. The optional devices include the wired or wireless connector for the network, internally mounted printer, etc.

SpO2NIBPPRECGTEMPRESP2-TEMPNellcor SpO2Printer50mmWall-mount/TrolleyCentral station

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