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F8 Multi-parameter Monitor

1.In respect of the progressive designing idea, this F8 multi-parameter monitor is portable and suited for using alternate and direct current. Mounted with rechargeable battery with large capacity internally, it can accomplish continuous monitoring for 2 hours.
2. The 12.1 inch TFT LCD display of high brightness offers large viewing scope.
3. Users can use the optional high speed thermal printer, whose printing width is 50mm.
4. With strong expansion function, this multi-parameter monitor supports the selective Nellcor blood oxygen probe and sphygmomanometer cuff for neonate and toddler, central monitor station and other equipment. It is able to satisfy the demands of patients at different ages.
5. The device can store and review all the monitoring data within 720 hours, 1000 sets of measuring results of blood pressure and 500 sets of alarm events.
6. There are 14 languages for option in display.
7. Through the TCP/IP and wireless connection, this product is allowed to form the great central monitoring system with 255 machines.
8. The humanized alarm system helps to inform users of the conditions of patients precisely in time.
9. This multi-parameter monitor adopts a series of outstanding software processing technologies, namely 13 types of arrhythmia analysis, pace-making analysis, S-T section analysis, oxygen saturation diagram, calculation on concentration of 21 species of drugs, etc.

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