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F15 Multi-parameter Monitor

1. With the high definition 15 inch TFT display, the F15 multi-parameter monitor offers a wide visual range and high brightness. The resolution of the LCD screen is 1024×768.
2. The high speed thermal printer can be selected to cooperate with the product and its printing width is 50mm.
3. Based on advanced idea of design, this portable product is suitable for both of direct and alternate current. Equipped with the rechargeable battery with large capacity, it is able to realize continuous monitoring for 2 hours.
4. Due to the powerful expansion function, this product allows to be collocated with optional Nellcor blood oxygen probe and sphygmomanometer cuff for neonate and toddler, central monitor station and other devices. It is capable of meeting the demands of patients at different ages.
5. The multi-parameter monitor is used to store and review all the monitoring data in 720 hours, 1000 sets of measuring results of blood pressure and 500 sets of alarm events.
6. This device offers 14 languages for display.
7. It can achieve uplink with the central monitoring system containing 255 machines via TCP/IP and wireless connection.
8. With the personified acoustic alarm, the product is able to convey the conditions of patient precisely in time.
9. Our multi-parameter monitor utilizes outstanding software processing technologies including the 13 species of arrhythmia analysis, pace-making analysis, S-T section analysis, oxygen saturation diagram, calculation on concentration of 21 drugs, etc.

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