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Gynecological Ozone Therapy Machine

1. This gynecological ozone therapy machine works with complete treatment modes including the ozone, atomized ozone and ozone liquid used for patients based on different conditions.
2. It uses the ceramic electrode plate to generate and prepare the ozone and there is no heavy metal pollution in the treatment.
3. The time of therapy can be set arbitrarily in the scope of 1 to 15 minutes. When the therapy starts, the countdown is displayed.
4. The gynecological ozone therapy machine presents real-time online detection and correction on the concentration of ozone.
5. If the temperature of therapy exceeds the setting value, the product will alert the users and stop outputting the ozone liquid automatically. When the water temperature is modulated as required, it will start the therapy again automatically.
6. The automatic cleaning system works when the machine is started and shut down.
7. The medical stainless steel pipe enables the product to perform durably, safely and reliably.
8. Configured with the water purification system, this product can adapt to diverse tap water system, accomplishing the requirements of water needed in the therapy. It effectively prevents the reduction of therapy effect and stoppage caused by poor water quality.
9. The gynecological ozone therapy machine features easy operation due to the microcomputer control system and user-friendly pedal design.
10. With IC card management system, the apparatus is able to effectively avoid the reuse of disposable treatment heads.
11. Supplied with medical oxygen or cooperated with medical oxygen generator, this product will not result in the secondary pollution of nitride and other gases.

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Treatment handleDisposable treatment headAdjustable concentrationDeodorizerThermostatGynecological bedWater purification systemMedical oxygen generatorMedical oxygen cylinders
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