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  • Gynecological Ozone Therapy ApparatusThe UC30 series gynecological ozone therapy apparatus is capable of three unique output modes: ozone liquid, ozone mist, and ozone gas. Practical applications include treatment for senile vaginitis and vulvitis, vulvovaginal candida, bacterial vaginosis, trichomonal vaginitis, olpitis mycotica, fugal vaginitis , haemophilus vaginalis , amebic vaginitis , cervicitis, as well as disinfection...

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

UNICARE is a specialized gynecological product manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a broad range of products, including multi parameter patient monitor, vital signs monitor, fetal and maternal monitor, medical thermal printer, and much more.

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  • VS900-I Tabletop Pulse OximeterThis VS900-I tabletop pulse oximeter chooses the LED and LCD display that shows high luminance.
    It functions great expansion performance. With the optional Nellcor sensor, this product can fulfill the demands of patients at different ages, such as adult, neonate and child.
    It supports 100 hours of data storage under the situations of poor power supply.
  • VS900-II Vital Signs MonitorCombined with progressive designing idea, this VS900-II vital signs monitor is portable and available in using alternate and direct current. With the large capacity rechargeable battery installed internally, it can achieve continuous monitoring for 2 hours.
    The high brightness TFT LCD display is as large as 12.1 inch. It offers a large visual range for users and shows in 14 different languages.