VS900-I Tabletop Pulse Oximeter

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VS900-I Tabletop Pulse Oximeter

1. This VS900-I tabletop pulse oximeter chooses the LED and LCD display that shows high luminance.
2. It functions great expansion performance. With the optional Nellcor sensor, this product can fulfill the demands of patients at different ages, such as adult, neonate and child.
3. It supports 100 hours of data storage under the situations of poor power supply.
4. The acoustic and optical alarming system of three levels is able to deliver the conditions of patients precisely and timely.
5. This tabletop pulse oximeter features excellent performance on resisting the low-dose liquid infusion in human body and interference on movement.
6. The internally mounted rechargeable lithium battery helps the product to work continuously for 8 hours.

Monitoring function
Nellcor SPO2Optional
SPO2 sensor1
Rechargeable lithium battery1
Power cord1
Ground plug1

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