VS900-II Vital Signs Monitor

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VS900-II Vital Signs Monitor

1.Combined with progressive designing idea, this VS900-II vital signs monitor is portable and available in using alternate and direct current. With the large capacity rechargeable battery installed internally, it can achieve continuous monitoring for 2 hours.
2. The high brightness TFT LCD display is as large as 12.1 inch. It offers a large visual range for users and shows in 14 different languages.
3. The optional high speed thermal printer reaches the effective printing width up to 50mm.
4. Owing to the powerful expansion function, this vital signs monitor supports the collocation with the optional Nellcor blood oxygen probe and sphygmomanometer cuff for neonate and toddler, central monitor station and other devices, accomplishing the requirements of the patients at different ages.
5. The product allows the storage and playback of all the monitoring data of 720 hours, 1000 groups of measuring results of blood pressure and 500 groups of alarm events.
6. It can achieve uplink with the central monitoring system containing 255 machines through the TCP/IP and wireless connection.
7. Set with the humanized alarm system, our product is able to deliver the changes in the conditions of patients precisely in time.
8. Due to the excellent technologies of processing the software, our vital signs monitor offers 13 kinds of arrhythmia analysis, pace-making analysis, S-T section analysis, oxygen saturation graph, concentration calculation of 21 species of drugs, etc.

Monitoring function
Nellcor SPO2Optional
SPO2 sensor1
NIBP cuff 1
Rechargeable lithium battery1
Power cord1
Ground plug1

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