VS900-III ETCO2 Monitor

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ETCO<sub>2</sub>/SPO<sub>2</sub> Monitor

1.This VS900-III ETCO2 monitor utilizes a 5.6 inch LCD with backlight.
2. It is commonly used for the adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.
3. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery ensures that the product can work for 5 hours. This device allows exchanging the battery without losing power.
4. It offers adjustable audible and visual alarm.
5. Due to the advanced digital processing technology, our product provides accurate measurement in the situation of low-dose perfusion and movement.

VS900-III ETCO2 Monitor
Monitoring Function
Side stream EtCO2
External micro stream EtCO2/ Main stream EtCO2Optional
SpO2 cables and sensors1
Gas dryer line1
Two type sampling lines1
Lithium-ion batteries1
External battery charger1
Mainstream EtCO2 sensors and airway adaptersOptional

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