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  • Tabletop Pulse OximeterThe VS900-I tabletop pulse oximeter has an ultra-bright cold cathode fluorescent LCD plus LED display with backlight, and built-in memory capable of recording up to 100 hours of data. Advanced digital processing technology provides precision measurement even with movement interference or during low perfusion situations...
  • Vital Signs MonitorThe VS900-II vital signs monitor comes with the standard configuration of NIBP, pulse rate, and SpO2. Optional parameters include Nellcor SpO2, pediatric/neonatal cuff, and pediatric/neonatal SpO2 Probe. With a built-in memory capable of holding up to 100 hours of tabular patient data and 500 NIBP result reviews, the monitor is ideal for accommodating adult, pediatric and neonatal patients...
  • ETCO2/SPO2 MonitorThe VS900-III ETCO2/SpO2 monitor is a highly sophisticated medical apparatus with clearly proven clinical advantages. Experience a truly intuitive user interface with key functions that are literally just one push away. The device is user friendly and has a low learning curve, with helpful prompts to assist with tasks on the way. Universal, instantly recognizable icons are implemented with clearly defined single-level menus...

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

UNICARE is a China-based pulse oximeter manufacturer and supplier. We provide a comprehensive range of products, including medical thermal printer, tabletop pulse oximeter, multi parameter patient monitor, and more.

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  • Gynecological Ozone Therapy MachineThis gynecological ozone therapy machine works with complete treatment modes including the ozone, atomized ozone and ozone liquid used for patients based on different conditions.
    It uses the ceramic electrode plate to generate and prepare the ozone and there is no heavy metal pollution in the treatment.
    The time of therapy can be set arbitrarily in the scope of 1 to 15 minutes.
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