UC50 Thermal Printer

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UC50 Thermal Printer

1. This UC50 thermal printer offers printing baseline drift less than 0.5mm/10m.
2. It will print text, graphics, curve and other formats of contents.
3. It is easy for users to place the paper in the product quickly due to the special design.
4. Under the dual protection of software and hardware, our printer prevents the thermal print head and the motor from overheating.
5. It runs with stable performance and long service life.
6. With 5V single power supply, the thermal printer consumes about 2.6A of current at maximum theoretically. If there is no printing task, it will consume less power.
7. Supporting commonly used communication protocol of printer, this product allows parallel and series communications.
8. Using the unique interpolation algorithm, it eliminates the staircase phenomenon whist printing the curve thoroughly.
9. This product is convenient and efficient for users to open the cover and make inspection.
10. It is suitable for using as the POS terminal of medical electronic equipment, like the multi-parameter monitor, ECG machine, fetal monitor, hematology analyzer, etc. Our product is also commonly adopted in other high speed thermal printing applications.

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