UC112 Thermal Printer

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UC112 Thermal Printer

1. This UC112 thermal printer generates zero baseline drift and the printing baseline drift is lower than 0.5mm/10m.
2. Users can put the paper into the machine in an easy and convenient way because of the particular design.
3. Both of the software and hardware are able to protect the thermal print head and the motor from overheating.
4. Our product exerts reliable performance and long working life.
5. With low power consumption, it only needs single power supply.
6. This thermal printer can be connected to the parallel and series communications in accordance with the common communication protocol of printers.
7. Containing 32KB data memory space, the product keeps the recorder away from data loss while changing the paper.
8. The cover of the product is convenient to be opened swiftly so that users can inspect the product in an easy way.
9. Our product is commonly used for thermal printing at high speed or as the POS terminal of some medical electronic devices, such as multi-parameter monitor, electrocardiogram machine, fetal monitor, hematology analyzer, etc.

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