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Fetal Monitoring Module

1.Suitable for the single 5V power supply, the fetal monitoring module minimizes the requirement on power supply of the system.
2. The fetal heart sound is authentic with good tone quality so that this product lowers the requirement on the loudspeaker effectively.
3. The LED output drive interface flickers with the fetal heart beat simultaneously. The fetal heart rhythm is indicated visually.
4. Due to the progressive S-T (DSP) digital signal processing technology, this fetal monitoring module is able to do the related calculations about fetal heart rate automatically, getting precise and reliable results.
5. It supports manual and automatic fetal movement.
6. Added with an ultrasound probe, this product can accomplish the simultaneous monitoring for twins.
7. Designed with serial interface at TTL level or 232 level, it performs with low power consumption.

Trade Terms
Delivery time: 5-10 working days after receiving full payment
Terms of payment: 100 % T/T in advance
Package: Carton
Warranty: One year warranty for boards, 6 months of warranty for sensor, LCD and battery.

Looking For Distribution Cooperation
As the authorized supplier of PHILIPS in China, Unicare Electronic has dedicated in medical device industry for over 15 years. Now it is the leading manufacturer of fetal monitor, multi-parameter monitor, central monitoring system, pulse oximeter and gynecological ozone therapeutic instruments.

Unicare is capable of developing three new models each year, relying on the 36 professional engineers in two R&D centers and strategic cooperation with General Hospital of Chinese PLA and China Medical University.

Nowadays, Unicare products have enjoyed good reputation in their customers through serving healthcare professionals and patients in more than 50 countries.

In the global market, we strive to find business associates (exclusive agency) or OEM demanders for each UNICARE product for cooperation, providing healthcare products in different market segments and achieve a win-win future together.

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